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The AIM High event recognizes faculty and staff across UCF who have made an effort to keep their required course materials affordable for students.   

This event features a full program with guest speakers, awards, testimonials, and time to network and learn more about ways the university is collaborating to reduce and/or remove cost barriers to academic content.  

AIM High is a result of UCF’s Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) Initiative — a program designed to generate cost savings for students by way of First Day® (inclusive access) through the UCF bookstore and other low- and no-cost adoptions of publicly-available, openly-licensed and/or library-sourced materials.  These efforts are also reported through Affordability Counts, a statewide shared repository of works used to identify courses that meet the low-cost definition of $20 or less per credit hour.

The AIM Initiative is a University-wide collaboration that includes the Division of Digital Learning, the UCF Libraries, the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL), the UCF Bookstore, and, of course, YOU, the faculty, staff, and students who make it all possible.


The link to register for the 2023 AIM High event will be posted as soon as it is available. The event date has not yet been determined.


The 2022 event agenda is below.

  • 1:20pm
    • Attendees can begin entering
  • 1:30 – 2:55pm
    • Kick-Off ~ Dr. Wendy Howard
    • Welcome ~ President Alexander Cartwright
    • Presentation of Impact Awards ~ President Alexander Cartwright
    • Presentation of Knights’ Choice Award ~ SGA, Brandon Greenaway
    • Affordability Counts ~ Dr. Wendy Howard
    • Library Sourced Materials ~ Lily Dubach
    • Open Educational Resources (OER) ~ Amy Sugar
    • First Day – Dr. Wendy Howard
    • Featured Speaker ~ Annabelle Conroy
    • Featured Speakers ~ Award Winners (TBA)
    • Q&A with Featured Speakers ~ Dr. Wendy Howard
  • 2:55 – 3:00pm
    • Closing ~ Amber Mullens

Participant Zoom Background

You are welcome to download the AIM High Zoom background below if you’d like to use a background during the AIM High event.

AIM High 2022 Participant Zoom Background
Download Background

Learn More About AIM

The below links include flyers about AIM that can easily be saved to your computer or shared with fellow colleagues. The flyers briefly describe the AIM Initiative, its pillars, and areas of interest regarding affordable instructional materials.


AIM High Impact Award

The AIM High Impact Award recognizes an individual or a group of individuals who have made a significant impact and commendable efforts towards affordable instructional materials. The award guidelines are flexible in nature in order to equally recognize faculty from across the university who teach various levels and class sizes.

For the 2022 AIM High event, the committee opened a Call for Nominations for both the individual and group awards. These submissions were either a self-nomination, or a nomination submitted by a fellow colleague, e.g., a faculty member, staff member, or administrator.

View Criteria & Form

2022 AIM High Impact Group Award and 2022 AIM High Impact Individual Award Recipients

2021 AIM High Impact Team Award and 2021 AIM High Impact Individual Award Recipients

  • UCF Physics faculty testimonial videos by Zhongzhou Chen and Thomas Brueckner which were played during the event are available to view on the AIM Impact Team Award link.

2020 AIM High Impact Award Recipients

AIM Knights’ Choice Award

The inaugural student nominated award recognizes a faculty member that has been selected by a student for not only their use of affordable course materials, but also how this affected the student financially and academically. Students across UCF nominated faculty members based on their courses and experience. The students’ stories of impact were evaluated by officers of the Student Government Association (SGA) to determine a winner.

2022 AIM Knights’ Choice Award Recipient

Faculty Recognition

First Day®

The First Day® program allows faculty members to work with commercial publishers and other for-profit entities to set an agreement with Barnes & Noble to offer discounted pricing on their course materials. Students may choose to “opt-in” to receive their course materials at the discounted price in their Webcourses@UCF course before the Drop/Add period each semester. Faculty who have participated in the First Day® program during the previous calendar year are recognized during the event.

List of 2022 Event First Day® Recognized Faculty

List of 2021 Event First Day® Recognized Faculty

List of 2020 Event First Day® Recognized Faculty

Affordability Counts

Faculty who have submitted to Affordability Counts during the previous calendar year are also recognized at this event. Affordability Counts is a program that recognizes faculty who have taken steps in making their course materials affordable. If the total cost of the instructional material(s) is less than or equal to $20 per credit hour (per course), the Affordability Counts medallion will be given to the faculty to place on their course home page, syllabus, or wherever they prefer, and their course will be added to the list of low-cost courses on the Affordability Counts website. 

List of 2022 Event Affordability Counts Recognized Faculty

List of 2021 Event Affordability Counts Recognized Faculty

List of 2020 Event Affordability Counts Recognized Faculty

Library-Sourced Materials

Replacing your course textbook using e-books from UCF Libraries is a great way to include affordable instructional materials into your course. These e-books are free to students, allow unlimited usage, and familiarize students with the UCF Library resources. Faculty who have implemented library-sourced materials into their courses during the previous calendar year are also recognized at this event.

List of 2022 Event Library-Sourced Materials Recognized Faculty & Collaborators

List of 2021 Event Library-Sourced Materials Recognized Faculty

Open Educational Resources (OER)

The faculty who have used open educational resources (OER) and offered students a zero-cost course materials experience during the previous calendar year are also recognized at this event. OER is a great way to reduce the cost of instructional materials by using publicly-available resources, such as OpenStax, or allowing a faculty member to create their own open resources for students and fellow colleagues to access.

List of 2022 Event OER Recognized Faculty & Collaborators

List of 2021 Event OER Recognized Faculty

Orange Grove Collection

In 2019, five UCF faculty members participated in the Complete Florida Challenge Grant to create their own open educational resource and were recognized during the 2020 AIM High event. Thanks to the Creative Commons licenses, their openly-licensed works are available to the public and were previously housed on The Orange Grove: Florida’s Open Educational Resource Repository. These works can now be found on UCF Pressbooks. The Orange Grove Collection is an example of one of the many ways faculty can adopt, create, and/or adapt their own zero-cost materials.

List of 2020 Event Orange Grove Collection Recognized Faculty