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For information and resources related to BlendFlex and Remote instruction, please refer to UCF Keep Teaching (for faculty) and UCF Keep Learning (for students) pages. Additionally, be sure to review Our Promise to Support the UCF Community and see how everyone at the Division of Digital Learning is here to support our Knights.

In partnership with the Division of Teaching and Learning, the Division of Digital Learning is coordinating a campus wide Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative (DL CRI).


Aligned with Collective Impact objectives, this project is designed to increase learning gains by:

  • Increasing successful completion rates in benchmark courses
  • Improving student success, retention, and satisfaction
  • Targeting key courses such as success marker, foundation, and STEM
  • Increasing classroom utilization

The goal of this initiative is to impact student learning by increasing successful course completion (reduced DFW rates – D/F/Withdraw), particularly in GEP & STEM courses, and to improve FTIC & Transfer student persistence through a strategic course redesign process that leverages the benefits of online, blended, adaptive, and active learning.


At UCF (and elsewhere), data have shown that when well-designed and delivered, online (W), blended (M), adaptive, and active learning outperform face-to-face instruction. In a longitudinal study over 20 years at UCF, the blended course modality consistently outperforms both traditional classroom and fully online courses on three scales: student success (final grade of A, B, or C), withdraw rate, and student satisfaction (SPI overall Excellent). Combining the design and development experiences of the Divisions of Digital Learning and Teaching and Learning to facilitate the application of evidence-based instructional practices and support strategies has the potential to bring about more successful learning experiences for students in our most challenging courses.

How We Can Help

The Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab) will coordinate and manage resources to provide:

  • Funding for course releases
  • Professional development for faculty
  • Instructional design and active learning support
  • Evaluation research and reporting

NEW! CRI Extension: Group Projects

Please click below for more information about the next phase of DL CRI and the timeline for these group projects.

CRI Extension Resources

Moving Forward After the Proposal

After your proposal has been accepted by the CRI committee, click below to learn more information on the steps on moving forward with your course redesign.

CRI Faculty Resources

Featured CRI Projects

Interested in what your fellow colleagues have redesigned? View the featured spotlights for some examples of completed CRI projects.

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