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UCF will be continuing remote instruction through the summer semester. For information and resources, please refer to the Keep Teaching site for faculty and the Keep Learning site for students.

UCF AIM High Event

January 22, 2020
The AIM High event recognizes faculty across UCF who have made an effort to keep their required course materials affordable for students.    This event features a full program with guest speakers, awards, testimonials, and time to network and learn more about ways the university is collaborating to reduce and/or remove cost barriers to academic content.   AIM High is a result of UCF’s Affordable Instructional Materials…

AR VR Innovation Discovery Event

January 17, 2020
The Division of Digital Learning will be holding technology discovery sessions hosted by the Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) and the Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab). The goal of these events is to create a community of practice for individuals to learn about technology, share projects and innovative ideas, and create a network of individuals interested in…

Florida Online Innovation Summit

August 22, 2018
We look forward to the 2021 Summit! We want to thank the participants and presenters of the 2020 event. The Florida Online Innovation Summit is an opportunity to share and discuss projects that are being implemented across the state to advance the state-of-the-art in online learning. These are projects that seek to push the boundaries…