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The UCF AIM High event presents two AIM High Impact Awards: one to recognize an individual faculty member and one to recognize a group of faculty members such as from a department. The winners of these awards are those who have made significant impacts and commendable effort towards providing affordable instructional materials for students. The award guidelines have been created to be flexible in nature to equally recognize faculty from across the university who teach various levels and class sizes.

Submission Criteria

For the 2023 AIM High event, the committee has opened a Call for Nominations for both the individual and group awards. These submissions may be a self-nomination, or a nomination submitted by a fellow colleague, e.g., a faculty member, staff member, or administrator.

The following criteria will be considered for the award recipients to determine the impact the individual(s) had on affordable instructional materials at UCF. The submissions will be considered holistically – not based purely on data – to determine overall impact.

  • Creativity and Innovation in Using Affordable Instructional Materials
    • Creation or adoption of free textbooks/content (e.g., library eBook, open textbook, OER)
    • Received grant(s) that led to purchasing course materials and/or doing redesign to meet AIM objectives
    • Involvement in case study, research project, presentation, conference proceeding, and/or publication, etc. related to activities being done to meet AIM objectives
    • Use of external online tools for course content (e.g., social media, blogs, websites, wikis, apps, etc.)
    • Use of UCF resources (Obojobo, Materia, Pressbooks, and other Canvas features)
    • Sharing of content or resources with others (internally and externally)
  • Partnership with Others
    • Instructional designers
    • Librarians
    • Colleagues
      • Department-level
      • College-level
      • University-level
    • Other UCF staff (IT, etc.)
    • Colleagues outside of UCF
  • Impact on Access
    • Length of time using these affordable instructional materials
    • Number of courses impacted
    • Number of course sections impacted
    • Number of students impacted
    • Number of affordable resources provided
    • An estimate of cost savings
    • Student feedback


The resources below are meant to serve as brief examples to help prompt ideas for your submission that you can expand upon. If you have any questions regarding your nomination, please reach out to us at

Individual Example: 2023 AIM High Impact Award Nominations

Group Example: 2023 AIM High Impact Award Nominations

Please note:

  • For this event, only anyone who teaches and/or has taught classes in the past year are eligible for these awards.
  • We understand that you may not have all the information for the data-related questions. Please provide the information to the best of your ability or an estimate for these numbers. If you would like:
    • You can check with the nominee first on the survey questions and then submit the form.
    • Email us the name of your nominee and we can reach out to them to submit the information.
  • Your course(s) may be eligible for Affordability Counts if your course materials are less than or equal to $20 per credit hour. While we highly recommend submitting your course(s) if they are eligible, it is not required to submit to Affordability Counts in order to be considered for this award.
  • Refer to the Individual and Group example submission packets for guidance.
  • You can view past Impact Award winners on the AIM website.

Next Steps

After you have submitted your nomination, you will receive an automatic notification from Qualtrics. At that time, the review committee will compile all of the submissions until the deadline. A member from the review committee will reach out to you and/or your nominee if there are any follow-up questions.

The submission window is now closed. For any questions, please contact us at