About the UCF Pegasus Innovation Lab

UCF has been ranked as one of the nation’s most innovative universities. To meet the current and future needs of UCF’s students and faculty, the Division of Digital Learning launched the Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab). UCF’s iLab is an incubator of experimental projects focused on digital learning innovations that can be developed and refined through rapid prototyping and then promoted throughout the university to maximize collective impact on student success at scale. Efforts are research-based, data-informed, and action-oriented. Whenever appropriate, the iLab distributes seed funding to encourage faculty-led pilot projects with the potential to scale and positively impact student retention, engagement, success, and access. As a program management office, the iLab’s role is to strategically align, promote, and provide project management support for initiatives that contribute to our mission.

Our Mission

To serve as an incubator for the next generation of digital learning by supporting faculty and staff in piloting, refining, and evaluating innovations that positively impact student success at scale.

iLab Projects

iLab projects are those that seek to push the boundaries of current technology and practice in order to disrupt existing models and positively impact the constraints of the “iron triangle” of quality, cost, and access for students. Through design-based evaluation research over a series of pilots, the iLab fosters an environment focused on quality improvements and increased scale to maximize collective impact.

Looking for Time to Redesign Your Course?

Learn more about incentives available through the Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative.

The iLab manages a portfolio of projects and initiatives as they progress through three levels: In Development (Pilot), Scaling (Institutional Level), and Achieving Impact (Demonstrating Effect):

Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool (UDOIT)

Project Lead: Jacob Bates, Karen Tinsley-Kim Contributors: Emily Sachs, Eric Colon, Fenel Joseph, Ian Turgeon, Joe Fauvel, John Raible, Kevin Baugh, Sean...
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Online Study Abroad

Project Lead: Wendy Howard Category: In Development Description:  The Online Abroad Initiative presents an innovative solution that dramatically expands student access to...
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Student Performance Dashboard

Project Leads: Keegan Berry Contributors: Shea & LST&T team Category: In Development Description:  Impact: 
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Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics Project Lead: Patsy Moskal Category: In Development Description:  Impact: 
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Due Date Changer

Due Date Changer Project Lead: Matthew Emond Contributors: LS&T team, Shea Silverman, John Raible Category: Achieving Impact Description:  The Due Date Changer tool...
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Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative (DL CRI)

Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative (DL CRI) Project Lead: Wendy Howard Category: Scaling Description: As part of a three year objective, the...
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FL Online Innovation Summit

Project Lead: Wendy Howard Contributors: Anita Gabbard, Beth Nettles, Linda Futch, Patsy Moskal, Joseph Riquelme (FIU) Category: In Development Description: The summit...
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ProctorHub Project Lead: Shea Silverman Contributors: Matthew Emond, Elizabeth Williams (former Techranger/former CDL Fulltimer) Category: Achieving Impact Description: ProctorHub is an integration that...
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Personalized Adaptive Learning

Personalized Adaptive Learning Project Lead: Baiyun Chen Contributors: Jessica Tojo, Corrinne Stull, James Paradiso, Joseph Lloyd, Ralph Baird, UCF Faculty members Category: Scaling...
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New Reduced Adaptive (RA) Course Modality

New Reduced Adaptive (RA) Course Modality Active learning reduced seat time Project Lead: To Be Determined Contributors: Baiyun Chen, Jessica Tojo, Corrinne...
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The iLab also partners with organizations outside of UCF to promote digital innovation, including: For more information, please contact us at iLab@ucf.edu.