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UCF will be continuing remote instruction through the summer semester. For information and resources, please refer to the Keep Teaching site for faculty and the Keep Learning site for students.

About the Pegasus Innovation Lab

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The primary role of the Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab) is to support and promote large scale Digital Learning initiatives and projects across the division. Specifically, the iLab team provides project management as well as promotion and outreach services for initiatives that align with our mission to positively impact student success at the institutional level.

Explore iLab

Project Portfolio

iLab projects are those that seek to push the boundaries of current technology and practice in order to disrupt existing models and positively impact the constraints of the “iron triangle” of quality, cost, and access for students. Through design-based evaluation research over a series of pilots, the iLab fosters an environment focused on quality improvements and increased scale to maximize collective impact.

In Development Explore Projects

Projects listed in the “In Development” category are new projects in the early stages of development or pilot testing. In this phase most projects are limited to a small number of faculty or courses.

Scaling Explore Projects

Projects listed in the “Scaling” category have reached the Institutional level but are still building toward demonstrating measurable impact.

Achieving Impact Explore Projects

Projects listed in the “Achieving Impact” category are fully implemented at the institutional level and data provides evidence of measurable impact. Some of these projects have also been deployed outside of UCF at other institutions.


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