About the UCF Pegasus Innovation Lab

UCF has been ranked as one of the nation’s most innovative universities. To meet the current and future needs of UCF’s students and faculty, the Division of Digital Learning launched the Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab). UCF’s iLab is an incubator of experimental digital learning projects focused on rapid prototyping, iterative testing and development, and continuous improvement for large scale student success. Efforts are research-based, data-informed, and action-oriented. Whenever appropriate, the iLab distributes seed funding to encourage faculty-led pilot projects with the potential to scale and positively impact student retention, engagement, success, and access. (A proposal process is forthcoming and will be posted on this website.)

iLab projects are those that seek to push the boundaries of current technology and practice in order to disrupt existing models and positively impact the constraints of the “iron triangle” of quality, cost, and access for students. Through design based evaluation research over a series of pilots, the iLab fosters an environment focused on quality improvements and increased scale to maximize collective impact.

Potential iLab projects (existing and proposed) include efforts aligned with:

For more information, please contact Wendy Howard at Wendy.Howard@ucf.edu.