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Biology Department

February 8, 2024
You don’t need to squint into a microscope to see how a department has worked to help students succeed. The Biology department implemented Open Educational Resources (OER) across the department through the adoption of OpenStax. Their department was selected to receive the 2024 AIM High Impact Group award because of their large-scale impact on thousands…

Christian Beck

February 8, 2024
“Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost degree.” ~ Erza Pound Christian Beck, an Associate Lecturer in the College of Arts and Humanities in the department of English, has made a significant and steady effort to reduce course material costs for students at UCF and has created two Open Educational Resource…

Dr. Roslyn Miller – Quality Impact Award

May 12, 2023
The winner of the 2023 Quality Impact Award is Dr. Roslyn Miller. Since March 2019, she has completed 38 total course reviews (an average of 9.5 reviews per year for the last four years), particularly in the STEM discipline. Dr. Miller provided an exemplary narrative that illustrated how she has been dedicated to quality course…

Anthropology Department

March 3, 2023
You don’t have to dig too far to find a group of faculty members dedicated to student learning and savings. The Anthropology department was selected to receive the 2023 AIM High Impact Group Award because of their large-scale efforts to implement open educational resources (OER) and library-sourced materials across the department. The department’s decision to…

Dr. Nicole Lapeyrouse

March 3, 2023
When two things combine, a beautiful chemical reaction can occur. Such is the case for this year’s individual award recipient. Dr. Nicole Lapeyrouse, a lecturer in the College of Sciences in the department of Chemistry, was selected to receive the 2023 AIM High Impact Individual Award for her significant and steady effort to reduce course…

Quality Impact Award

March 25, 2022
The UCF Quality Taskforce sought for ways to exemplify the hard work put forth by the Instructional Design team at the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) in regards to their tasks, relations, and contributions related to quality. Annually awarded to one assistant, associate, and/or senior instructional designer (ID) for their significant impact in UCF’s Quality Initiative, the purpose of the Instructional Designer Quality Impact Award is to recognize the efforts and impact the ID has had on UCF faculty, students, and the Quality Initiative.