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Dr. Roslyn Miller Headshot

The winner of the 2023 Quality Impact Award is Dr. Roslyn Miller. Since March 2019, she has completed 38 total course reviews (an average of 9.5 reviews per year for the last four years), particularly in the STEM discipline. Dr. Miller provided an exemplary narrative that illustrated how she has been dedicated to quality course design even before coming to UCF.

Dr. Miller had already received training with Quality Matters before she joined her current position with the CDL Instructional Design team, which helped lead her to serving on the UCF Quality Initiative Taskforce. Her past experience in designing online courses that underwent Quality Matters has helped give her insight that has been invaluable to conducting course reviews and improving upon our own review processes. Because of her past work, she has been focused on creating a culture of quality for online education at UCF.

My attention was drawn to Florida’s SUS 2025 Strategic Goals for Online Education, Goal 1: Create a culture of quality for online education. When I read that goal, I adopted it as my mission as an instructional designer in CDL, and since then I have used the principles of our Quality Initiative as my primary toolbox for accomplishing that mission.

~Dr. Roslyn Miller

In regards to the Quality Initiative, Dr. Miller has been dedicated to continuously supporting her faculty. She provides each of her faculty with the Quality and High Quality Course Review items as resources for self-assessment and improvement of their courses while encouraging them to then request an official course review. After these requests, to prepare for the faculty consultations she provides a “Quality Review Notes” action plan to the faculty member ahead of time that highlights strengths of the course in each of the main areas of the review. She believes that the positive feedback in each area is as valuable as the constructive feedback.

I could not have done it without the support I received from her. I am not a high tech person, but she made everything so easy for me. She was patient in answering my questions, and her suggestions and instructions were very specific and easy to follow.

~UCF Faculty Member

She has also made contributions through presentations and publications. Dr. Miller has presented at national and international conferences, as well as prepared workshops regarding quality courses, online course design, and academic integrity. The increase in emergency remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic sparked her motivation to provide strategies for design high-quality digital learning experiences for a wide audience. Along with fellow instructional designers she has written the “Design with Quality in Mind” publications that center around the four categories of the Quality and High Quality rubric: Course Overview and Introduction, Course Content, Assessment and Interaction, and Accessibility and Universal Design.

I love designing online courses that benefit students, and hope to find opportunities to share ideas and designs with others through CDL.

~UCF Faculty Member

Dr. Miller’s reflection on her professional experience and development has justifiably proven the impact she has had upon her colleagues and faculty. Her care and dedication to utilizing resources around us is just one small aspect of the great work she does every day for UCF faculty and students, making her a clear winner for this award. Congratulations!

Review Committee Members:

Elisabeth Greenwood, Webcourses@UCF Support

Eric Main, FCTL

Michael Strawser, 2022 Chuck Dziuban Award Winner

Nicole Stahl, iLab (Committee Facilitator)

Kylee Woodland, CDL LS&T

Shelly Wyatt, CDL Instructional Designer and the 2022 Award Winner