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Dr. Ricardo Zaurin

February 23, 2022
Nominated by fellow faculty member Necati Catbas, Dr. Ricardo Zaurin, a Lecturer in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, received the 2022 AIM High Impact Individual Award for his dedication to reducing the cost of instructional materials for his students. This individual impact awardee was selected because of the accessibility, quantity, and quality of…

Modern Languages & Literatures Group

February 23, 2022
Anne Prucha, Kacie Tartt, Lisa Nalbone, and Alma Alarcon from the Modern Languages & Literatures department were nominated by their department chair, Dr. Geri Smith, to receive the 2022 AIM High Impact Group Award for their dedication to reducing the cost of instructional materials for their students. They were selected because of the accessibility and…

Integrated Business

October 1, 2020
In Spring 2020, the Integrated Business program led by Dr. Jim Gilkeson received the AIM High Impact award. This award recognizes faculty who are going above and beyond to find creative ways to maximize impact for our students, save money, provide affordable access, add to their success, and prepare them for the future. Located in…


March 12, 2019
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