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Dr. Marino Nader – Engineering

November 8, 2022
Overview Instructor: Dr. Marino Nader Instructional Designer: Jim Paradiso College/Department: CECS, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course Numbers & Titles: EML3701: Fluid Mechanics, EML3262: Kinematics of Mechanisms, EGN3343: Thermodynamics Large class loads and a lack of resources. Instructors and professors have long been faced with similar challenges at large universities. Dr. Marino Nader is one such…

Martha Hubertz – Psychology

November 8, 2022
Overview Instructor: Martha Hubertz Instructional Designer: Joseph Lloyd College/Department: COS, Psychology Course Numbers & Titles: SOP3004: Social Psychology, SOP3742: Psychology of Women Universal design: usable, accessible, inclusive. These are the guiding principles Martha Hubertz abided by when she redesigned her courses to level the proverbial playing field. Doing so ensures that all students are not…