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For information and resources related to BlendFlex and Remote instruction, please refer to UCF Keep Teaching (for faculty) and UCF Keep Learning (for students) pages. Additionally, be sure to review Our Promise to Support the UCF Community and see how everyone at the Division of Digital Learning is here to support our Knights.

Virtual Labs: In these labs, real experiments are virtualized or simulated and students can access them online.

Remote Labs: These types of labs enable faculty and students to access equipment and/or computers via the internet to perform experiments and laboratory tasks without being in the physical lab space.

UCF Apps: These apps allow access to desktop software that is typically available on campus computer labs or by purchasing and installing software on a student PC remotely.

Collective Resources, University, Agency, or Organization

Online Resources for Science Laboratories (POD) – Remote Teaching: All Resources

PennState Online Labs Toolkit

Washington State University

WICHE North American Network of Science Labs Online

Harvard Bok Center Remote Lab Resources

UCF Library Resources

UCF Subject Librarians

UCF Library Academic Resources during COVID-19 Situation

UCF Apps

BCcampus Virtual Labs and Science Resources

The News Update – Free STEM and STEAM Resources

Note: includes many K-12 resources for those with children at home.

The News Update – Free Resources

Note: includes many K-12 resources for those with children at home.

UCLA Remote Teaching Resources

FLVC-IDN Webinar on Strategies for Online and Remote Lab Courses

  • Guest Speakers: Bryan Biggers (Palm Beach Atlantic University), Christine Brown (University of South Florida), Debra Sheridan-Brinkman (Miami Dade College), Vicki Westergard (St. Petersburg College)
  • Description: In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning and supporting lab courses to the online or remote delivery modality have been a big challenge for educators in higher education. You can view the recording of the webinar and learn some experience and strategies for online lab courses from a panel of online education leaders and practitioners at Florida’s higher educational institutions. The webinar also provided a resource sheet for Online/Remote Learning Lab Resources.

Virtual Labs/Interactive Activities


Note: Completely interactive virtual labs. They have preset labs with worksheets or you can customize your own lab activities. If interested, we can arrange a demo, but this will also carry a cost.

MERLOT Materials

MERLOT Virtual Labs

QUBES OER Resources


Lab Kits/Remote Labs


eScience Labs

Hands-On Labs

Note: Consider working with an existing vendor to build a custom kit (such as Pitsco or Flinn)

Video Demos

JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments

Note: In an effort to aid student learning during remote instruction, UCF has invested in a one-year subscription to JoVE Science Education using money from the Cares Act. This collection of STEM based videos and demonstrations covers a range of topics from psychology, to engineering, to clinical skills. The collection is available for all faculty. Visit the Getting Started with JoVE page for more information.

Linkedin Learning

PBS Learning Media

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Alexander Street


Chronicle of Higher Ed article: How to Quickly (and Safely) Move a Lab Course Online

Berkeley News

How to Rethink Science Lab Classes

The Tech Edvocate – 4 Benefits of Virtual Labs

This Professor Uses Virtual Labs to Teach Real-World IT Skills That Employers Want

Campus Labs – Responding to the Online Classroom & COVID-19

Virtual Laboratories Wiki

EDUCAUSE – 7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Labs

University System of Maryland Rolls Out Virtual Science Labs Across All Campuses

Tips for Recording Your Labs

Follow these tips from CDL for recording and uploading your own labs onto a video platform:

Refer to this technology guide from OIR on media production software to compare what may work best for your recording needs:

Refer to the Zoom FAQs if you record your own lab with Zoom: