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The articles and publications below serve to highlight new resources about Virtual and Remote Labs, as well as archive previous resources published throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics include, but are not limited to, STEM courses, research in pedagogy, learning approaches, and comparisons between types of labs.

UCF Related Publications

Applying active learning in a virtual classroom such as molecular biology escape room (Alonso & Schroeder, 2020)

A case-based learning approach to online biochemistry labs during COVID-19 (Thiabut & Schroeder, 2020)

Higher Ed Publications

Faculty still harbor concerns about teaching STEM courses online (McKenzie, 2021)

Implementation and Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Biology Lab versus Conventional Didactic Practices in Lab Experimenting with the Photonic Microscope (Paxinou, Panagiotakopoulos, Karatrantou, Kalles, and Sgourou, 2020)

Production and Evaluation of a Realistic Immersive Virtual Reality Organic Chemistry Laboratory Experience: Infrared Spectroscopy (Dunnagan, Dannenberg, Cuales, Earnest, Gurnsey, and Gallardo-Williams, 2020)

Social distance teaching and learning: An online DNA nucleotide binding lab experience for health sciences and non-major students (Mahaffey, 2020)

Virtual laboratory lessons in enzymology (Quesada, 2020)

Design considerations for virtual laboratories: A Comparative study of two virtual laboratories for learning about gas solubility and colour appearance (Wastberg, Erikkson, Goran Karlsson, Sunnerstam, Axelsson, and Billger, 2019)

Employer and work-based student perceptions of virtual laboratory teaching and assessment resources (Smith, Coleman, and Ferrier, 2019)

Virtual Laboratory Simulation in the Education of Laboratory Technicians – Motivation and Study Intensity (Elvira de Vries and May, 2019)

Using Python as a toolbox for student-directed virtual labs (Lincoln, 2018)

Early Pandemic – Articles Archive

Chronicle of Higher Ed article: How to Quickly (and Safely) Move a Lab Course Online

Berkeley News – Coronavirus forces hands-on learning to go online and hands-off

How to Rethink Science Lab Classes

The Tech Edvocate – 4 Benefits of Virtual Labs

This Professor Uses Virtual Labs to Teach Real-World IT Skills That Employers Want

Campus Labs – Responding to the Online Classroom & COVID-19

Virtual Laboratories Wiki

EDUCAUSE – 7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Labs

University System of Maryland Rolls Out Virtual Science Labs Across All Campuses