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Virtual Labs: In these labs, real experiments are virtualized or simulated and students can access them online.

Remote Labs: These types of labs enable faculty and students to access equipment and/or computers via the internet to perform experiments and laboratory tasks without being in the physical lab space.

UCF Apps: These apps allow access to desktop software that is typically available only in campus computer labs or by purchasing and installing software on a student PC remotely.

Virtual Labs/Interactive Activities

Online Resources for Science Laboratories (POD) – Remote Teaching

Note: Google sheet links to additional resources, below are some highlights

American Museum of Natural History

Paleontological Research Institution Learning Resources

Note: lists various resources by audience and topic

3D Molecular Designs

Online Chemistry Resources

InSpark Virtual Chem Lab

Drawing Chemical Structures

CASIO – Math Resources

Note: links to resources including, emulator calculator, and activities; free trials available through August 31, 2021.

Easy Unit Converter

Note: includes various converters including engineering, math, and fitness.

Good Calculators

Note: Provides a variety of online calculators, such as math and statistics, engineering, and conversion calculators.

Musical Sound Waves (Physics)


MERLOT Virtual Labs

Exploratorium Learning Toolbox

Space Station Explorers

Note: activities related to the International Space Station available for high school and higher education.


Zygote Body

Note: The tool does not have as many features as Visible Body, but it is a free alternative.

Access Medicine

Note: Another alternative resource to Visible Body that is available through the UCF Library. The link above directs to the Human Anatomy Modules.

Labs/Simulations That Include a Cost


Note: Completely interactive virtual labs. They have preset labs with worksheets or you can customize your own lab activities. If interested, we can arrange a demo, but this will also carry a cost.


Hayden-McNeil Lab Simulations

Note: Simulations on Biology and Chemistry


Note: 3D virtual space

Pivot Interactives

Note: Subjects on Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, & Physics



Note: Free subscription available with limited options, or a premium access subscription for additional features.






Model Science Software

Mestrelab Research Chemistry Software

Spartan Student

Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software

WOLFRAM Mathematica


ArcGIS Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

SPSS Software


NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis


Visible Body

Note: The Pegasus Innovation Lab (iLab) coordinated with Visible Body to provide demonstrations for faculty to view the apps and content of their courseware to decide if it would be useful in the development of course content for the upcoming semesters. You can view these past recordings of the July 28, 2020 demo and the July 29, 2020 demo and can contact the if you have any questions.

Ladderane – Customizable Chemistry Experiments

BIODIGITAL – 3D Visual Anatomy

Video Demos

Linkedin Learning

JoVE Education Videos

Note: In an effort to aid student learning during remote instruction, UCF has re-invested in a one-year subscription to JoVE Science Education for the 2021-2022 academic year. This collection of STEM based videos and demonstrations covers a range of topics from psychology, to engineering, to clinical skills. The collection is available for all faculty and you can view the UCF Library Faculty Support Guide for steps on how to access JoVE from the UCF Library. For more information on adding JoVE content into your course, visit the Getting Started with JoVE page.

PBS LearningMedia

Alexander Street


Khan Academy

Digital Labs Techniques Manual

Note: Series of video demonstrations of common lab technique

NC State Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratories – S.M.A.R.T. Lab Videos

Smithsonian Channel

National Geographic


Note: includes subjects such as chemistry, biological sciences, and physics

Space Foundation

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation – Videos & Documentaries

C-SPAN Classroom

Note: sign up for free to access the free resources, politics and government related

Lab Kits/Remote Labs

Archaeology and Biological Anthropology Labs

Note: Although not fully remote, it provides research and resources on various labs for these topics

Hands-On Labs – Customizable Lab Kit


eScience Labs

Nuclear Reimagined Virtual Field Trip


iOLab Wireless Lab System

Note: will require a cost for students to rent and predominantly used for Physics.

University, Agency, or Organization Resources

UCF Library Resources – Sciences

UCF Subject Librarians

UCF Library Academic Resources during COVID-19 Situation

UCF Apps

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods Videos

BCcampus Virtual Labs and Science Resources

Note: Provides resources on astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth & environmental science, math, and physics.

Arizona State University – Virtual Field Trips

Review for ACS Exam

Note: Chemistry resource, Canvas website of modules on various topics, including pre- and post-quizzes. Must sign up for a Canvas Account (free) and be granted access to view.

Washington University Chemistry Diagnostic Exam


Note: Log in required, but it is free

Cornell Physics Lab Learning Objective

The University of British Columbia – Sample Experiments

Scientific Abilities

Vernier Remote Learning Solutions

UCLA Resources List

Tips for Recording Your Labs

Follow these tips from CDL for recording and uploading your own labs onto a video platform:

Refer to this technology guide from FMC on media production software to compare what may work best for your recording needs:

Refer to the Zoom FAQs if you record your own lab with Zoom:

Additional Resources

Visit the Virtual and Remote Labs Articles and Publications page for additional articles.

How to Rethink Science Lab Classes article:

Lincoln, J. (2018). Five smartphone experiments that don’t need apps. The Physics Teacher, 56, 652.

Holmes, N. & Wleman, C. (2018). Introductory physics labs: We can do better. Physics Today, 71(1), 38.

Top 10 Online Psychology Experiments (article):

Physical Anthropology Virtual Lab

Note: Article provides a contact to receive the free virtual lab

Virtual Anthropology textbook:

Note: Not free

UCF Pressbooks – Anthropology textbook:

OpenStax (OER textbooks)

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry by William Reusch:

WolframAlpha Integral Calculator:

Omni Calculator:

Psychology Teaching Resources:

MCAT Exam Prep:


Note: offers a free video library of recorded presentations led by Florida-based experts who talk about the applications of STEM in various high-tech careers