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UCF saves students $1,000,000 on textbooks!

The UCF Libraries, in conjunction with faculty, instructional designers and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, have spent a number of years working diligently across the institution to help faculty transition to no/low-cost course materials. This collaboration has helped students save money on textbooks so they could instead focus on taking care of life essentials (e.g. food and housing) and making it to graduation with less college debt and/or out-of-pocket costs.

In 2018, Penny Beile and team announced that UCF recently surpassed a milestone mark of over $1,000,000 in savings for students!

Impact:  UCF’s textbook affordability initiative generated savings of $1,050,172 for 12,314 graduate and undergraduate students from Spring 2016 to Fall 2018. Potential savings is calculated as the cost of new course materials by number of student enrollments.

Project Leads: Penny Beile, Aimee deNoyelles, Rich Gause, Wendy Howard, Jim Paradiso, Sarah Norris, John Raible