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Thank you for your interest in the Digital Curriculum Innovation (DCI) initiative. As a reminder, DCI is funded by the distance learning fee reserves through the DDL Strategic Innovation Fund. Only online courses taught by IDL credentialed or equivalent faculty will be considered.

At this time, a new DCI cycle has not been announced. If a new proposal window opens, the details will be posted here as soon as they are available. The information posted below is an archive of the 2023-2024 cycle for reference.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Must be distance learning (DL)-eligible courses (W, RS, V)
  • Team of 2-3 teaching faculty members
    • Teams can include up to 2 additional non-teaching faculty or staff members from CDL
    • Teams can consist of members across disciplines
    • Each team must identify a project lead.
    • The lead will be the primary contact for all communications.
    • The lead will coordinate all team activities from goal setting to producing project deliverables.
  • Minimum number of course sections to be implemented in is 2-3 (depending on team size)
    • Listing the names and courses of additional teaching faculty members who will implement your innovation project in their courses would strengthen your proposal


The submission form will include questions regarding:

  • List of courses and semesters the project deliverables will be implemented
  • Proposed budget with general explanation of funding allocation
    • faculty incentive allocations
    • course assistant(s) supplement
    • additional expenses
  • Problem statement and proposed solution
  • Specific deliverables must be identified
  • Demonstration of impact, such as estimated number of students
  • Identify anticipated resources needed
  • Plans for evaluation/continuous improvement
  • Letter of support from department chair or dean

Digital Curriculum Innovation Initiative Medallion

Priority Items

Priority will be given to Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) and any innovation project that leads to a High Impact Practice (HIP) designation for DL-eligible courses.

To increase student access at scale, priority will also be given to team-based proposals that demonstrate:

  • A collaborative team project with 2-3 faculty members who teach courses in sequence, within the same program, or address an interdisciplinary need.
  • A clear instructional challenge and intervention aimed at increasing student success.
  • A potential for large-scale impact (e.g., high enrollment courses, high DFW rates, adoption by other faculty outside of the project team).

Submission Form

Only the Team lead or a designated member of the team needs to submit your proposal.

Additional Details

  • Deadlines:
    • Call for Proposals opens: TBD
    • Call for Proposals closes: TBD
    • Applicants notified: TBD