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UCF will be continuing remote instruction through the summer semester. For information and resources, please refer to the Keep Teaching site for faculty and the Keep Learning site for students.

What modalities will courses be taught in this summer?

Although all courses planned for Summer A/C/D will be taught via remote instruction, they will retain their regular modalities in the system schedule. Colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to offer as many fully online sections (W, V) as possible, assuming that the faculty hold the required training credential for the modality. All other courses will use remote instruction for elements that would normally be conducted face-to-face and should include the following message in the class notes:

Due to continued campus classroom closures, this course will be conducted by remote instruction. No in-person classroom attendance is available. Instruction may be heavily video streamed and/or require substantive interaction online. No distance learning fee is charged.

I am scheduled to teach a Summer or Fall course with face-to-face components. What training will I need to complete for using the Zoom platform in my course?

You will need to complete CDL’s Teaching with Lecture Capture – Zoom Edition (TLC-z). TLC-z is primarily self-paced and is offered as a lightly-facilitated, one-week cohort.  Check with your department to see if you are scheduled for enrollment and the date of the next cohort.

What if I have already completed IDL6543?

You have the option to convert your class to a fully online W version, especially if you plan to pre-record lectures and use a completely asynchronous delivery strategy. In this case, add the following note to the class schedule in order to preserve tuition support for VA funded students:

This class section has been converted to a fully online W format in response to the COVID-19 crisis”.

If you intend to make extensive use of Zoom recordings or if you want to simply migrate your planned classroom/blended courses into synchronous remote delivery, you should complete an abbreviated self-paced Zoom Essentials program focused solely on the effective use of Zoom, and your course will retain its campus-based modality (P/M/RA). You may also participate in the full TLC-z program if you wish.

What if I have already completed ADL5000?

You may be able to deliver an already-developed W version of your course. Check with your department. Otherwise, you must complete TLC-z. Note: if you have taught online during at least three different terms at UCF under an ADL5000 credential, you may request an exemption from the full TLC-z course; you will still be required to complete a shorter, self-paced Zoom Essentials program focused solely on the Zoom video technology.

What if I have already completed TLC?

You may consider migrating your classroom experiences to Panopto lecture capture, and your course should be coded as a V modality. Otherwise, you will need to complete a shorter, self-paced Zoom Essentials program focused solely on the Zoom video technology.
For CECS only: If you are scheduled to teach in an RS modality, you cannot include any face-to-face attendance options.

Do I need TLC-z if my summer course does not have scheduled class meetings (e.g., clinical supervision, thesis, dissertation)?

No, TLC-z is not required, but it is available if faculty would like to participate.

Do I have to conduct the remote sessions at the same time that they are scheduled or may I pre-record lectures for asynchronous delivery?

You may do either, but be sure to clearly communicate your expectations to your students. If your remote sessions are scheduled and synchronous, your class cannot be considered a W modality course, even if you have completed IDL6543. Note: if you do elect to hold synchronous video class sessions, they must be conducted during their regularly-scheduled times listed in the UCF class schedule.

What about the Distance Learning Fee? Will students be charged?

The Distance Learning Fee will only be charged for the modalities where it is normally charged (W, V, RA, RS). Substituting Zoom in place of classroom activities (P, M) does not automatically incur the Distance Learning Fee.

Are there specific expectations regarding course activities?

As faculty, you have broad autonomy in how to conduct your courses. The Center for Distributed Learning has a team of instructional designers, media producers, programmers, artists, and others who can consult to help you make your course the best experience possible for both you and your students. However, there are some minimal requirements that all courses must adhere to, such as:
·       Compliance with copyright laws
·       Compliance with student accessibility laws
·       Compliance with federal regulations regarding “regular and substantive” interaction between faculty and students
·       Adherence to best practices in course design and delivery

CDL is available to assist with any of these topics and more.

Can you summarize the different trainings and requirements?

Teaching with Lecture Capture – Zoom Edition (TLC-z). TLC-z is primarily self-paced and will be offered as a lightly facilitated, one-week cohort.  This is intended for courses that are not or cannot be developed in W modality by the start of the summer term and involves instruction with face-to-face components. Check with your department to see if you are scheduled for enrollment and the date of the next cohort.  The assigned course modality will not change.

Zoom Essentials. This is intended for experienced online faculty who have already completed IDL6543 or TLC or have completed ADL5000 and have taught for at least three different semesters online. It is a self-paced experience for faculty who want to migrate face-to-face/blended course elements of classroom instruction into synchronous remote delivery using Zoom.  The time commitment for completion is 2-4 hours and self-enrollment is available at  The assigned course modality will not change.

ADL5000. Existing training to deliver an already-developed W version of your course. Course modality will change to W upon completion of course. You must have access to the assigned, already-developed W course in order to participate.

IDL6543. If not already in process or completed, this is not available between now and the start of summer 2020
For the standard list of faculty development options for digital learning:

For the standard list of course modalities:

What about the Conferences tool within Webcourses (Big Blue Button)? Can I use that instead of Zoom?

While Big Blue Button remains an option, we have been encouraging faculty to use Zoom for several reasons.
Zoom has a much broader feature set for instruction and the usability is very straightforward. It gives faculty more capabilities.

Given the national spike in usage, we are not entirely confident that Big Blue Button’s architecture will scale quite like Zoom’s will, given Zoom’s larger initial client base and “freemium” model. Big Blue Button is used by many K-12 schools and their remote delivery is lagging ours. We expect to see the K-12 schools’ use of Big Blue Button jump significantly in the very near future.

There is also a significant financial consideration. UCF holds a minimal license that only permits a certain number of concurrent Big Blue Button sessions at any given time. If we exceed that, it won’t prevent a session from running, but we will be billed for it. We don’t have a way to cap those sessions and control costs. It could get very expensive for the university if we are not careful. Zoom, on the other hand, has an unlimited enterprise license for the entire university and the costs associated with it are fixed, regardless of usage.

If faculty we’re already using Conferences (BBB) prior to the migration to remote instruction, then they should be fine continuing to do so. However, we ask all faculty not previously using Conferences to use Zoom.