Mobile Checklist Critique-at-a-Glance

Below is a quick checklist (Critique-at-a-Glance) for faculty to run through as they begin to evaluate mobile apps for adoption in their course curriculum. This checklist can be completed prior to downloading the app. The information is usually located on the apps download web site or on your device from the app download page. By answering each question and submitting the checklist, a summative report will be generated. Pedagogical and technical implications will be listed in the report. If you think the app would be a good fit after completing the Critique At-A-Glance and reviewing the report, download the app and run it through the Mobile App Checklist.

Note: The Mobile App Checklist will display once the Critique-at-a-Glance is submitted.

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General Info

1. Does the app description sound like it will meet your needs?

2. Does the app have the features you are looking for?

Some of them

3. How much does the app cost?

4. Are the user reviews positive?

5. Is the content rating appropriate for the students who will use it?

6. Is there a Privacy policy?

7. Is there an alternative for app (web version)?

8. Support: Is there an additional web page for support?

Hardware/System Requirements

9. Is other hardware needed to use this app?

10. Will this app use a great deal of locally stored file space? (50mb or larger)

11. Is the app available for multiple mobile devices (e.g., Android, iPhone, iPad)?


12. Last Update: Was the last update recent (within 6 months)?

13. Version History: Is the app updated frequently with different versions/releases?

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