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UCF Mobile App Standards and Practices

Division of Digital Learning provides UCF Mobile at UCF to serve UCF students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors by offering services with an interface designed specifically for mobile devices. The UCF Mobile app expands access to academic information, services, events, and communication, which includes:

  • Offering content that is convenient and timely for the mobile user.
  • Creating a personalized experience through roles and relevant notifications.
  • Partnering with campus entities to expand the reach of campus activities and events.
  • Improving communication through public, personal, and opt-in-based push notifications and messages.

UCF Mobile content, including features and services, is guided by the following standards and practices.


Support institutional goals and initiatives to promote university resources and services.

Unique mobile functionality 

Offer a mobile-first experience that focuses on quick, transactional actions and communication. The app can support more comprehensive directory-type information and communication but not be the primary source or duplicate content offered through similar resources (website, print, etc.)


Offer content and data in a mobile responsive format that is accessible, clear to understand, and requires limited bandwidth to access. 


Focus on the broad university community over specific smaller and niche community groups. The app is an enterprise service and does not support academic research projects or initiatives.

No Cost Access

Allow only free content, services, and features to the university community. 


Adhere to the security standards set by the Information Security Office at UCF. 


All content is sponsored by an official UCF department, unit, or organization.

How to Make a Content, Feature, & Service Request

All requests can be made through a ServiceNow request form. The request will be reviewed within 2 weeks.