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For information and resources related to BlendFlex and Remote instruction, please refer to UCF Keep Teaching (for faculty) and UCF Keep Learning (for students) pages. Additionally, be sure to review Our Promise to Support the UCF Community and see how everyone at the Division of Digital Learning is here to support our Knights.

The following information is to help UCF partners market the UCF Mobile app as it aligns to initiatives and events.

UCF Mobile Marketing Guidelines

  • The app is spelled UCF Mobile. The app is not spelled UCF app, UCFMobile, UCF mobile, or ucf mobile.
    • It’s acceptable to say UCF Mobile app. Remember: “app” is lowercase.
  • Direct users to the UCF Mobile app product page to download the app. This site includes Android Play and iOS App Store links.
  • The app’s tagline is “Stay Connected. Be Informed. Find Your Way.”
  • The one line description for the app is “UCF on-the-go for iOS and Android.”
  • Each icon in the app is called a “module” or “section.”

UCF Mobile Wordmarks

Horizontal Wordmark (1500px wide)

Horizontal Wordmarks are available in black, white, and gold.
UCF Mobile Workmark Horizontal

Download Horizontal Wordmarks

Square Wordmark (1000px)

Square Wordmarks are available in black, white, and gold.
UCF Mobile Wordmark Square

Download Square Wordmarks

UCF Mobile Screenshots