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Online courses are easier than ever to create, but faculty are often not aware of the accessibility issues their design decisions could introduce. the UDOIT tool (pronounced, “You Do It”) helps faculty discover and repair accessibility issues in their online courses. It scans their courses, identifies possible accessibility issues, and allows them to repair some issues from within the tool. Faculty can reference information about specific digital accessibility concerns and Universal Design for Learning principles through UDOIT’s resources and guides.

Since UDOIT was made available to UCF and the world in 2015, it has helped 1,044 UCF faculty and staff and over 60 institutions worldwide improve the accessibility of online course content. As UDOIT users become familiar with common concerns in their online courses, they can avoid having those barriers in future course development and offer more accessible content to all students.

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Project Lead: Jacob Bates, Karen Tinsley-Kim
Contributors: Emily Sachs, Eric Colon, Fenel Joseph, Ian Turgeon, Joe Fauvel, John Raible, Kevin Baugh, Sean Hernandez, Kathleen Bastedo, Nancy Swenson