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Publishing Open Texts at UCF

UCF Pressbooks is an open authoring platform designed for creating interactive eTextbooks, portfolios, anthologies, and a variety of other dynamic textually-rich web experiences. Pressbooks allows importing content from a multitude of formats (e.g. Word, ePub, .html) and similarly allows exporting into PDF, ePub, .mobi, et al. Pressbooks also integrates seamlessly with Canvas so in the classroom, your content appears to students the same as a native Page would in Webcourses@UCF. Best of all, UCF Pressbooks is free (no cost) to you and your students!

Impact: UCF Pressbooks provides faculty an authoring platform to create highly-relevant, textual and media-rich learning content that students can access (online or offline) without any barriers – financial or otherwise – on the first day of class.

Resources:  UCF Pressbooks

Project Lead: James Paradiso
Contributors: Bruce Wilson (Political Science), Thomas Brueckner (Physics), Annabelle Conroy (Political Science), Nichole Stack (Writing and Rhetoric), Christopher Leo (Integrated Business), Efren de la Mora (PhD student)