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The Due Date Changer tool allows an instructor to quickly change a due date for multiple assignments all on the same page. Once accessing the tool, all items with a due date will display on the page.

After Hurricane Irma hit in 2017, faculty members were easily able to adjust upcoming assignments in wake of the disaster. During this week (9/10/17 – 9/18/17), Due Date Changer was used 78 times.

The Due Date Changer tool was open sourced when Hurricane Michael struck northern Florida and other southeastern states in 2018. FSU and the North Carolina Public School System are now utilizing the open source version.

2017 – Due Date Changer was used 568 times
2018 – Due Date Changer was used 871 times

Webcourses@UCF Due Date Changer guide
Due Date Changer from GitHub

Project Lead: Matthew Emond
Contributors: LS&T team, Shea Silverman, John Raible