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UCF will be continuing remote instruction through the summer semester. For information and resources, please refer to the Keep Teaching site for faculty and the Keep Learning site for students.

After a submitted proposal has been accepted by the Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative (DL CRI) Committee, you will be notified by the iLab to begin working with your instructional designer on your new course redesign. As you work through the redesign process there are multiple resources available to you.

Faculty Development

If specific training is required or desired for your new modality or course attributes, please see the links below for more information. The iLab or your instructional designer can also assist you with enrolling in these training courses.

DL CRI Community Workshop – Cohort Meetings

As part of the initiative, cohort meetings cohosted by FCTL, CDL, and the iLab will be offered to faculty participants each fall and spring semester. These optional meetings are strategically scheduled throughout the semester to help support faculty through the redesign process. The goals for these sessions are to provide ideas and resources for student success strategies as well as an opportunity to build a community of practice with faculty outside of your department. Faculty members who have been accepted for a course redesign will be emailed invitations to upcoming cohort meetings.

Fall 2020 Meeting Dates:

  • Meeting 1: TBA
  • Meeting 2: TBA
  • Meeting 3: TBA
  • Meeting 4: TBA

If you did not receive an email invitation or experience challenges registering and would like to attend, please contact the Pegasus Innovation Lab at

Multimedia Support

Through the redesign process, you may decide to include various multimedia elements into your course material. Offices such as the Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) or Webcourses@UCF Support can assist with the creation and implementation of multimedia resources.

Instructional Design Support

Throughout the redesign process, it is recommended that you meet with your instructional designer often for support and feedback to help ensure you reach your intended goals.

Summative Course Review

Upon completing your new course design, the last step is to complete the summative course review process:

  1. Complete the Summative Course Review form.
  2. Meet with your instructional designer for final feedback and fine tuning
  3. Email the completed form to your instructional designer.
Download Form

Your instructional designer will then submit the Summative Course Review form to the iLab for the DL CRI Committee to review. The DL CRI Committee will meet at the end of every semester for completed course reviews, so you can plan when to complete your redesign. Once the form and redesign have been approved by the committee, they will disburse the course release or travel/research funds to your department.

Faculty who redesign a new M or RA modality – and have not previously taught the course in one of these modalities – will receive an additional $1,000 incentive when it goes live. Once the summative course review form has been submitted and approved, the additional incentive will be disbursed to the department during the semester the course has been scheduled to be taught.

Please refer to the below examples of Summative Course Review forms for assistance with completing your form:

  • Example 1: New RA Design in Writing & Rhetoric
  • Example 2: New M Redesign with Realizeit in Biology
  • Example 3 : New W Redesign with Realizeit in Education

Summative Course Review Submissions

The Summative Course Review signifies the completion of a course redesign project. The completion deadline is dependent upon your original proposal acceptance date.

Proposal Acceptance DateCompletion Deadline
Prior to January 1, 2020December 31, 2020
After January 1, 2020May 1, 2021